The Renovate to Rent team, led by Drew Levin and Danny Perkins, is a group dedicated to guiding real estate investors from any level of knowledge to becoming experts in every facet of rental property selection, negotiation, renovation and investment management. This isn’t the business that Danny and Drew envisioned when they met in college searching for the right entrepreneurial endeavor.

When they met at the University of Florida, they tried a couple of different business ventures together that they hoped would satisfy their entrepreneurial goals and make them self-sufficient financially. The first couple didn’t pan out so well. Their college laundry business made money, but it had a limited future as they couldn’t stay excited about doing laundry or scale it out for others to do it and leave a nice profit.

Then their new idea, a college campus social site turned celebrity site seemed to be taking off, but the back end didn’t fulfill the infrastructure needs and the site crashed; twice. Another entrepreneurial idea had taken a dive, but as with most that do, a lot was learned, like promoting a business, negotiating with people and raising money. It wasn’t a sudden crash, and during the downward spiral, Danny bought a condo and amassed a ton of credit card debt. When it was obvious that it was over, things looked pretty bleak.

It’s then that they decided that something tangible, such as real estate, seemed like the new vehicle for their entrepreneurial goals. A rental home is a tangible thing, solid, something you can touch. Even better, it’s something you can insure to reduce your risk in the investment.


Let’s start out by stating that this ABOUT US page is really about how we’re going to make this entire process ABOUT YOU. You’re here for a reason, or many. We have developed a program and guiding process designed to take a novice from zero to expert in rental property real estate investment.

Think of the development from novice to expert as a ladder, and the difficulty of getting to the top if there are missing rungs. Too many investment education programs present a dramatic introduction and promise of wealth, but on the way to realizing your potential, there are a few rungs missing from the ladder. You’re left hanging on at some point, trying to figure out how to get to the next level without a step or help. Our process of events and follow-up is designed to be an end-to-end, bottom-to-top guide for success.


The good news is that we’ve created and perfected every step on your road to banking rental real estate profits, and they’re all just waiting for you to get started.


Drew is the real estate agent, big picture idea person and business promoter. Danny is the pragmatic planner and process person; the contractor. You’re going to get the best of both in events and instruction. When you read about our students doing successful deals while still learning and within a few short months, it’s not because they have super powers. It’s because they have learned the tools and process and simply follow instructions and the path to their goal.


Here’s a question for you. If you were a trainee pilot and needed a class and exercise in landing a large plane full of people on the water in an emergency situation, who would you want to teach you?

Your choices are an engineer with a whole bunch of computer simulations that tell you what should happen, OR you can be instructed by Captain “Sully” Sullenberger, the pilot who in January 2009 landed a passenger jet on the Hudson River. All 155 passengers and crew survived with only some minor injuries.

There’s research and projections, OR there’s real world experience. Everyone you’ll hear from in the many courses and boot camps we provide is an expert at what they’re teaching. That’s not book expertise, it’s actual boots on the ground experience.

ABOUT US is a lot ABOUT YOU, your goals and helping you to achieve them.