There’s nothing like an event with person-to-person contact to generate excitement and get people moving on real estate investment education. Excitement is great, but at every stage of the Renovate to Rent process, you’re supported and educated in the details and resources necessary for success. Our series of four events are structured to introduce the process and to illustrate how and why you will be investing successfully in rental real estate upon completion.


This is a comprehensive suite of training sessions and boot camps that take the new student from the introductory event right into specific market research and investment strategies. There isn’t anything left out for successful rental property investing:

3 Day Workshop:

This is the launch of education into understanding real estate markets and strategies for success in every market situation.

Boots on the Ground:

Taking place in the actual markets where students live, this training gets to the real life investing in markets students will be investing.

Investor Expo:

The Buying Summit is an event where students can actually get started, as they get access to purchasing assets and help in evaluation.

Inner Circle Camp:

A higher level of investment education, with a tour of our Utah facilities and learning from the pros.

Seller Financing Boot Camp:

A boot camp taught by gurus who show you how to evaluate properties, value homes, calculate investment returns, finance your deals and more.

Residential Rentals Boot Camp:

Learn about rental property management, landlord-tenant relations and legal aspects, tenant evaluation and more.

Quick Cash Boot Camp:

Learn quick cash investment strategies without the hype. Learn about flipping homes, assignment contracts and sources for homes like probates, short sales and foreclosures.

Cash Flow Boot Camp:

This particular boot camp is all about cash flow, but not just rent income over expenses. Learn about other cash flow strategies like lease options, sandwich leases and more.

Rehabbing Boot Camp:

The details and techniques for purchase and rehab of homes for fix & flip and fix to hold.


Boot camps are great, but you can be a homebody and get plenty of education for success. Our Real Estate Investor Series takes you step by step from basic investment strategies through advanced techniques, and all on your schedule in your home.


Our Real Estate Pro software makes ultimate use of the technology available to search for and evaluate properties nationwide. In-depth information on properties, neighborhoods, crime rates, amenities and rental potential is at your fingertips.


Think of this set of tools and resources as the “back room operations” center of your business. You’ll be introduced to resources for cash you need to make deals happen, from 3 day loans to 3-year financing and more. You’ll also get access to management tools, asset protection, accounting and more.


This is a popular set of tools and resources for investors who want to get a fast start and appreciate the expertise of this group who locates and helps investors to purchase the best properties for their investment goals.