In just 3 power-packed days, students will learn everything from how to get deals done in under 100 days to understanding the key steps they must take to protect their assets and investments. This 3-day workshop is truly an information machine where all of our students learn and expand their understanding in these key areas:

Getting your first deal done in 100 days

After you complete your first deal, you’ll be surprised how much easier your second deal becomes. It has nothing to do with tricks, but everything to do with building your confidence. With each success you’ll see your confidence level grow – helping you expand your potential to new horizons.

Finding properties not found on MLS

When investing in real estate speed and timeliness is everything. You need to learn how to find a great deal before other investors. By knowing how to get ahead of other buyers you learn how to find potential properties before they hit the MLS and other listing sites.

Finding the owner

You may wonder what finding the owner has to do with investing in real estate. To put it simply, by finding the owner you have more opportunities to find deeper discounts. Deeper discounts generally lead to larger profits.

Quick sales

Quick sales are a great way to buy and sell fast, however, they need to be done correctly. Our training teaches you everything you need to know about how to handle quick sales correctly.

Building a power team

By leveraging yourself with local professionals you have great opportunities to network and create a power team of professionals that will help you grow.

Run the numbers

If you don’t know how to budget, save, and calculate your finances you run the risk of losing your potential profit. We’ll teach you the “must have” equations for success.

How to analyze deals

Know the ins and outs of a deal before you push go. We’ll teach you everything you need to know about analyzing deals as good as the professionals.

Use transactional funding

Don’t know what this is? Then you need our training. Get the ins and outs of transactional funding.

Build a cash buyers list

By building a cash buyers list you create valuable partnerships that can help lead to success.

Residual money strategies

Everyone loves a fast profit. Let us teach you all about residual money strategies and how they can work for you.

Asset protection

It’s not what you earn, it’s what you keep. Let us help you understand what this means.